Arteluku / Mugatxoan workshops: “A Disembodied Voice, Towards Love” / Peio Aguirre a.o. / among the workshop participants Larraitz Torres (DAI, 2014) and Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio (DAI, 2009)

| tag: San Sebastian

from the 4th to the 11th of October, 2012

This edition, covers two areas of work: self-reflexivity and sound as a medium of de-materialisation for posing questions on notions of performance.

Emission1. A Disembodied Voice, Towards Love. A radio programme which includes performances, lectures, conversations and interventions, which are simultaneously performed in an exhibition hall and on a pirate radio station. The programme is an attempt to de-locate the perception of the proposed activities, taking them out of the physical place where they are produced. There will be two ways of attending: some spectators will be present in the room, and others will be hypothetical, ones who can hear us on the pirate radio station, in the surroundings of the place where the activities happen. At the same time, the spectators have radio sets, enabling them to walk in and out at will. The radio can always be consoled by possible undetermined spectators and the listener is the recipient of a voice; they can be absent from the "here", belong to somewhere else, a partial disappearance. The contact with a disembodied voice.

Notebook1. A disembodied voice, towards love. Continuing with the publications and advancing in the object of research, following Notebook0, we are tackling the next issue as a medium of reflection, to reactivate elements and fragments from processes of work revisited and practise a crossover of material. Drawing, image and text in multidirectional writing, allowing us an immediacy in the transfer of references and relations of thought.

The contributors to this issue will be: Peio Aguirre, Alice Chauchat, Amaia Urra and Itziar Ocariz.