Marres / Landscape in Perspective / The Wanderer / project and exhibition with Katja van Driel (DAI, 2013), Bas Princen, Begoña Muñoz a.o.

| tag: Maastricht

Opening: September 22 at 17.00

Marres opens the cultural year with a new project. This project, titled The Wanderer, consists of an exhibition and five routes, which focus on different perspectives on the landscape.

The Wanderer is part of the long-term programme Landscape in Perspective, initiated by Marres Projects in collaboration with NAiM/ Bureau Europa and the Province of Limburg. In the exhibition The Wanderer – curated by Nils van Beek – the phenomenon of wandering is approached from a cultural and historical background, and connected to the personal and contemporary perspective of various international artists.

The programme of Marres is built up around a series of positions, such as the Dandy, the Dilettant and the Flaneur. With the presentationof the Wanderer, Marres adds a new position to this series.

With work by, amongst others: Delphine Bedel, Wineke Gartz, Katja van Driel, Begoña Muñoz, Robin Pourbaix and Bas Princen. Exhibition essay: Peter Peters.