Youth, courage to face the past / solo-show by Juhee Youn (DAI, 2006) / INSA Art Space

| tag: Seoul

The opening of the show ' Youth, courage to face the past' is on August 21 at 6pm
If you are in Korea, please come.



"...Youth is present everywhere. It is found in any era, any place and in anyone. It is defined as a productive, not dormant, energy moving forward continuously. In this era of unpredictable futures, what is required for the youth is neither the incessant move forward heading nowhere nor self-abandonment for escaping from reality. It is a step back. Even if the target is in the immediate vicinity, it takes more than vivacious impulsiveness or daredevil energy to reach the target. Moving back and viewing from a distance enables the youth to have a clearer picture of the time and to cope with challenges. For an artist, it is an opportunity to reflect what brought her here and to prepare the young self to take off for the unpredictable future. " (from the artist statement)