Important information for NON - EU/EER passportholders, accepted into our program, who wish to travel to the DAI ( landing at various, changing locations in Europe) on a monthly base without registration in the Netherlands.

The large majority of Dutch(art-)educational programs, courses and institutions is funded by the Dutch government, with public money. In the past the Netherlands welcomed students from all over the world and made no, or only a very slight, distinction with regards to tuition fees. Some time ago politicians decided to stop funding Dutch schools and universities for costs made in regard to non EU-students. Therefore nowadays non-EU students have to pay on a cost-recovery basis; tuition fees are higher for them than for students with a European passport.

The good news that comes along with this bad news is that you are not bound to register as resident in the Netherlands –– as long as you can manage to attend the monthly DAI-week while traveling on a valid document with or without a (tourist) visa. For example: an artist with a Japanese passport currently in the possession of a legal permit to live in Berlin, Germany may decide to travel to the DAI weeks in various European countries, including the Netherlands, on a monthly basis. A Turkish artist living in Istanbul may decide that a monthly ticket from Istanbul while living with family in Turkey is much economical then paying the rent for an apartment in one of the popular Dutch cities. You should however bear in mind that your travel costs will always come on top of the tuition fees for non-EU students. 

Concerning your regular travels to the DAI weeks: it is the student's responsibility to carefully check applicable regulations and agreements between the country where you are (going to be) registered and the locations of the DAI weeks, where you will be taking part in monthly sessions of one week. DAI nor ArtEZ can take responsibility for any legal difficulties while travelling without a valid residency permit for a country in the Schengen zone.

In case you prefer to officially register as a student in the Netherlands, DAI, together with the International Office at the ArtEZ University of the Arts will be happy to help you with a shortened immigration procedure