Nieuwe Vide / Launch Party / The Object Lag curated by Emily Williams

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Launch Party
Friday 26 February 19:00-23:00

Michael Beck, Nico Dockx, Jean-Baptise Maitre, Pol Matthé, Julie Peeters & Joris Kritis.

Including musicians from the Dutch record label Narrominded:
Puin+Hoop, Herman Wilken, & Coen Oscar Polack.

You are warmly invited to the launch Party of The Object Lag, taking place at Nieuwe Vide Art Space, Haarlem.

The performative evening will include introductions and contributions by the participating artists and designers of The Object Lag; a yearlong project hosted by Nieuwe Vide, and currated by the artist Emily Williams.

The launch of The Object Lag will also initialize the first working period entitled Form & Content, which will introduce participants; Michael Beck, Jean-Baptiste Maitre and Pol Matthé.

During the evening, the artist Pol Matthé will conduct a performance that will ceremoniously open The Outlet Inn. For this performance the artist kindly asks for any willing visitor to contribute a table or chair on the launch night that will then become part of The Outlet Inn. For any questions concerning this please do not hesitate to contact us via the details below.

The Outlet Inn will be The Object Lag's Sunday afternoon café program that offers a window for visitors and participants to interact on a more informal setting, each Sunday the program will be hosted by a different participant of The Object Lag.

Also present will be the artist Nico Dockx and graphic designers Julie Peeters & Joris Kritis, who will contribute to the evening by introducing their yearlong participation and involvement with The Object Lag.

Visitors will be warmly welcomed with a bowl of soup and the evening will conclude with a musical line-up consisting of artists from the Dutch record label Narrominded. Exclusively for The Object Lag, the label has assembled an assortment of musicians who will play in an extended improvisation based upon singular structures. This will be the first time that these musicians will share a stage together.

For the full press release and for further information on all participants, please see this website

The Object Lag Launch party – 26 February 19:00-23:00

Form & Content working period – 16 February – 1 April
Participants: Michael Beck, Jean-Baptiste Maitre and Pol Matthé

PublicTransition week Form & Content – 2 April –11 April

The Outlet Inn – every Sunday afternoon – 14:00 – 17:00

The first host of The Outlet Inn on the 28th of February will be the artist and curator Emily Williams, who will be available to answer any questions concerning The Object Lag.

We look forward to seeing you there!

TYI: Emily Williams is an alumna of the DAI.