Veridiana Zurita: Embodied Life - An investigation into the body and its (im)possibilities of creating reality

Advisor/tutor: Alena Alexandrova

Independent reviewer: Michael Hunter

Enschede, 2010


In this thesis I discuss the structures of behavior as fixities that can be opened up in order to appropriate reality. I look to the body in its potentiality to transgress its representations as a way of performing life. The exercise of observing the other is an important practice for this research. As if by paying attention in the other's behavior I identify the patterns, forms and models that organize our bodies. At the same time, I also understand more what escapes from these models and appears in the body as creations of gestures and behaviors that differ from the common stereotypes. Through the practice and theoretical research, I explore ways to look to the body as a process and not as an entity.