Performing Arts Forum (PAF) shares the following CALL with us: "each year, some new and some familiar faces (Bassam El Baroni !!) reproduce the heterogenous three-week body that is Summer University ~ a gathering for experimental, cross-disciplinary learning, a zone of autonomy to produce knowledge, together, in the open. All are invited to attend and to contribute to any part of the programme. Like PAF itself, Summer University is organised and sustained by a changing body of artists, activists, scholars and practitioners. PAF invites you to register NOW for the 2024 edition which will take place from August 11th till September 2nd." Click to find the link.

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it’s here.

Three weeks in one programme. No theme. No discipline. With multiple interventions running at any one time, SU programme works as the framework for an expansive university, to which participants are welcome to add to on site.