2023 - 2024 Factory ~ Student Led: Collective Clouds

APRIL 18, 2024

Led by Ariell Zéphyr, Annette RodriguezFiorillo & Chloë Janssens

When: 16:00 -17.30

Location: Conference room Palais de Congres

• Ariell ° Annette * Chloe • present:
¿Do you sometimes forget you have a body?
This student-led wants to (re)activate a connection with our bodies and each others bodies. We will gradually try to be present in our own flesh and bones to slowly move towards experiencing touch with another. We might even attempt to heal tensions created by sharing intimacy through massage techniques and contact improvisation exercises.

We advice to wear comfortable clothes. No experience needed.


This student initiative is facilitated by DAI by making it part of the syllabus 2023-2024 and by providing space and time for gathering. It is embedded in the curriculum component WEAVER and participation is credited with ECTS.