Yon Natalie Mik

Yon Natalie Mik is a Berlin-based artist and dancer who is working at the intersection of performance, poetry, and theory. Drawing from the experiential knowledge of disobedient and oppressed bodies, Mik’s expanded choreographies are anchored on the subversive power of fragility.

Guided by Muism (Korean shamanism), her work often manifests in in-depth studies that delve into various forms of kinetic thinking that range from personal gestures to larger social movements. Some of her latest studies exposed the body politics in the lives of Asian migrants and questioned the documentation of their movements shaped by ableism, racism, and classism. Her body serves as a living archive, ever transforming, unreliable yet resilient, kinetically rewriting socio-cultural landscapes distorted by hate, greed, and fear.

She co-founded The Invisible Archive in 2019, a publication project that explores performance and time-based art through writing and collaborative publishing with other artists, curators, researchers, and activists. Her ongoing Ph.D. project titled Choreography of the Ghost is part of the research group Normativity, Critique, Change at the Freie Universität Berlin and is funded by the German Research Foundation.

Yon Natalie Mik @ DAI: 

2023-2024 COOP study group ~ Choreopoethics: undisciplined corporeal publishing and choreographic planning