Yvon Langué

Yvon Langué's practice revolves around curatorial, graphic design, teaching, and writing. His interests lie in the role of text in shaping discursive and performative spaces —impacting the meaning of art, the function and social responsibility of institutions, and the social position and status of the artist.

Yvon Langué is, along with Soukaina Aboulaoula, part of Untitled, an independent duo of curators from Marrakesh (‘If a tree falls in a forest,’ Arles 2022; ‘May our song be worthy of those who listen,’ Madrid 2024). Besides the curatorial work, Untitled Duo runs Untitled Design Agency, practicing graphic design for the arts.

He has previously served as the gallery manager at the (former) Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Arts and as a curatorial and editorial assistant at Kulte Contemporary Art Space (Rabat).

Langué  is an alumnus of ICI Curatorial Intensive (Dakar 2016), an alumnus of RAW Academie (Session #4 Corpus Callosum, 2018), and a resident at the Singapore Art Museum (2023). Currently, Yvon works as a graphic design educator at the École Supérieure des Arts Visuels de Marrakech (ESAV).

In his current project, 'That which cannot be seen but accompanies the object,' he develops a methodological framework that functions at the intersections of conceptualism and curatorial practice. The framework aims to widen notions of artistic and curatorial conceptualism to craft a path toward common knowledge that would encompass and generate new and operant concepts.



22 April 2024 ~Essaouira, Morocco: The Kitchen

23 April 2024 ~ Essaouira, Morocco: Roaming Assembly#31 ~ The Seven Colors of the Universe. A collaboration between DAI and Le18, Marrakech. Curated by Laila Hida and generously hosted by Dar Souiri ~ Association Essaouira Mogador.