Do not miss out on this inspiriting exhibition at Rotterdam based project space "an other world" by dear alum Ulufer Çelik (DAI, 2018): 'Opiomarital'. It focuses on healing in the realm of an aching heart. By upcycling the residues of ceremonies, rituals, fights and habits of romance, work recalibrates the heartache in times of narcissistic nations. Through opium and henna plants’ guidance the artist explores the multilayered facets of pain, soothing and celebration. Finissage March 30, 2024.

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About Ulufer Çelik

an other world is a project space for experimentation, dialogue and observation
run by Jake Caleb, Ari David and Hedvig Koertz. Since its outset, our vision has been to facilitate experimentation, initiate discourse, and enable local and international artists to present their work and research to a wider public. We programme projects that value artistic process as equally as finished outcome, encouraging artists to develop their work within the space through peer feedback and dialogue with the public.