Baginski, Galeria / Projectos presents Scultura Fantasma organised by Gonçalo Sena (DAI, 2011)

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TYI: Gonçalo Sena is an alumnus of the DAI.

Scultura Fantasma | organized by GONÇALO SENA | Room 51
André Sousa | Ben Rivers | Gino De Dominicis | Thomas Zipp

Baginski, Galeria / Projectos is proud to present Scultura Fantasma, an exhibition organized by Gonçalo Sena with works by André Sousa, Ben Rivers, Gino De Dominicis and Thomas Zipp, to open on January 18 2012, at 10 pm.

The exhibition was imagined from a work by the Italian artist Gino De Dominicis. About the work, a photo-montage, there isn't much information, matching the artist's posture of not allowing any reproduction or proper documentation of any  work of his. The owner of the work thinks it is Sensa Titolo (Untitled), but he also indicates that the historical dealer of De Dominicis calls it il fantasmino (the little ghost)The original photograph was taken by Claudio Abate in the '70s, on the occasion of an exhibition by Gino De
Dominicis at l'Attico, in Rome; in the back of the room we can see the artist from his back. In the beginning of the '90s, De Dominicis inserted over the original photograph the silhouette of a sculpture he presented some years before at the Venice Biennial – the dark and opaque figure of a sumerian warrior.

The photo-montage suggests a spatial and temporal overlap, pulverizing the chronology of the work and convoking an apparently impossible scenario. A ghost sculpture. Or a space of a gallery as an architectonic ghost for the silhouette of a sculpture.

Centered in the idea of apparition as a mode of confront between ghost and sculpture, the present exhibition is an exercise where the visual and the material get in conflict with what's perceptible and mortal, a proposal for the ephemeris of a sculpture, or the eternity of an hallucination.

Following the Italian artist's piece, the group of works presented by André Sousa, Ben Rivers and Thomas Zipp form an ephemeral scenario of objects and images: the interior of an abandoned house illuminated by flash lights; a brick wall in ruins blocking the entrance; a columnar skeleton orienting the walls in space; masked figures seek for their return to humanity.

An exhibition [Mirror] that reflects all except for living beings (Specchio che riflette tutto tranne gli essere viventi, 1969).

 About the artists:

André Sousa (born 1980 in Porto, Portugal, lives and works in Porto)
Ben Rivers (born 1972 in Somerset, England, lives and works in London)
Gino De Dominicis (born in Ancona, 1947 – died in Rome, 1998)
Thomas Zipp (born 1966 in Heppenheim, Germany, lives and works in Berlin)

Opening: January 18th, 2012, 10p.m.
January 19>> March 10th, 2012

Baginski, Galeria / Projectos
Rua Capitão Leitao, 51-53
1950-050 Lisboa – Portugal