Leendert Vooijce

"You tend to ask me what I am. In reference to, career, religion, politics, sexuality, gender. My answer: I am a Mother." Leendert Vooijce, interdisciplinary performance artist and writer.               

Leendert positions themselves next to you, opposite from you, or beside you; within the restrictions of language and understanding. Their work playfully tilts reality. To create a space for an alternative, a continuous motion. Throughout this process Leendert uses personal life and its performativity as a guideline. In which they always look to poetically intervene daily life events and experiences. Leendert’s work simultaneously is hyper personal and social engaged. 

"I believe that what is autobiographical is universal. And with my work, I express myself in proximity, against the idea of competitiveness. In closeness to you. Trying to get a better understanding of each other, the self and ways of being. Using poetry and beauty which allow the message to nestle better. (To immediately question what beauty actually is.)"

Leendert Vooijce graduated from the Rietveld Academie (dept. Text and Image) in Amsterdam, is part of theatre collective Female Economy and works in close togetherness with stichting Komrijk.



Leendert@DAI:  4th of March, 2024 ~ WEAVER ~ A presentation of professional and personal experiences as member of the acclaimed, Amsterdam based theatre collective Female Economy, in the context of the different exchanges and projects the collective is involved in with their Moroccan artistic partners.