Myriam Sahraoui

Myriam Sahraoui was born in Morocco to a Moroccan father and a Dutch mother.

"I’ve always lived at the intersection of two worlds, and bringing these worlds together is one of my life’s major themes: all my work either directly derives from or was inspired by it. 

After completing my education in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, I worked at a number of different organisations, including the European Commission in Brussels and the NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Foundation). As a documentary researcher, I discovered the power of narrative and real encounters. At the NTR (a public broadcaster), I was responsible for the Prix Europa IRIS, the European prize for the best intercultural documentary. 

Together with Elly Ludenhoff, Nazmiye Oral and Adelheid Roosen, I founded the theatre company Zina now merged with Female Economy, where I work as a project developer, researcher and project leader www.femaleeconomy.nlI also developed from our neighbourhood studio in Amsterdam New West together with psychotherapist Jale Simsek the cultural sensitive emotional bodywork training “Ik Ontmoet Mij”.

In my job as Morocco Advisor at DutchCulture I work to create more interest awareness and initiative for the great potential of cultural exchange and collaboration between the Netherlands and Morocco. I also hold various board positions in the cultural field in the Netherlands. 

I live in Amsterdam with my husband and our two children."  


Myriam@DAI: 4th of March, 2024 ~ WEAVER ~ A presentation of professional and personal experiences as member of the acclaimed, Amsterdam based theatre collective Female Economy, in the context of the different exchanges and projects the collective is involved in with their Moroccan artistic partners.