Leila Bencharnia

Born in Morocco, Leila Bencharnia is a sound artist, acousmatic interpreter, and musician based in Milan. Daughter of a traditional Moroccan musician, their dialogue with sound began in the village near the Atlas mountains where they spent their childhood. Their sonic work is composed of analogic material including tapes, vinyls, and synthesizers.

They recognize forms of radical listening as a modality of knowledge transmission. Bencharnia’s practice seeks to have an active role in the decolonizing of listening as a way to engage with social and political complexity.



Leila Bencharnia @ DAI: 

2023-2024 COOP study group ~ Choreopoethics: undisciplined corporeal publishing and choreographic planning

2022 Roaming Assembly#30 ~ on invitation of and in collaboration with DAI, sonsbeek20→24 and Archive Sites present sonsbeek Council#4: A Blues for the Tired, Salty, Essential Worker. Milan, Italy