Leila Farsakh

Leila Farsakh is Professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she is teaches on the Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the political economy of development. She is the editor of Rethinking Statehood in Palestine: Self-Determination and Decolonization Beyond Partition (University of California Press, 2021), and author of Palestinian Labor Migration to Israel: Labour, Land and Occupation, (London: Routledge, second edition, 2012) as well as the co-editor of The Arab-Jewish Questions: Geographies of Engagement in Palestine and Beyond (Columbia University Press, 2020). 


Leila Farsakh@DAI: During DAI Confluence nr. 2 in Nida, Lithuania, Leila presented an illuminating online lecture on 'Rethinking Palestinian Statehood'. Watch it here.