For a Revolutionary Becoming of Attention: Perception, Movement, Technicity Within and Against Racial Capital ~ Amit Rai's seminar from Confluence to Confluence

January 2024: confluence at NAC, Nida

In this first seminar we will introduce a range of topics that relate attention to political economy and decolonial ontology, anticolonial insurgency, radical ecological practice, and postcolonial critique. We will begin with a 15 minute free writing session where we practice a kind of un-mindfulness (to be defined). 

Day One:

We will begin with a discussion of the movement to end genocidal apartheid against the Palestinian peoples, and what it means to attend to settler colonialism today and historically (Pankaj Mishra, “Memory Failure: Germany’s commitment to Israel” LRB). We will then discuss the introduction of Claudio Celis Bueno’s ‘The Attention Economy Labour, Time and Power in Cognitive Capitalism’; with (and to an extent against) Bueno’s text we will pose the question of the labour theory of value and the racial capitalist transformation of attention-value ecologies in the global north and south. 

We will screen on the afternoon of the first day: Jenin by Mohammad Bakri (2001): 

Day Two: 

We will resume with a discussion of pages 6-45 of adrienne maree brown’s Holding Change (2021) in the morning. brown is one of the organising forces in contemporary Black feminist thought and this book is a portal for us to really take a deep dive into the theorisation of attention in contemporary emancipatory movements for social and economic change (BLM, MeToo, Zapatista). 

In the afternoon we will discuss: Jonathan Crary, “Spectacle, Attention, Counter-Memory” (1989)

We will screen: A Night of Knowing Nothing, by Payal Kapadia (2021).

Day Three: 

Check in with each other and the practice of non-extractive care in a seminar on attention. 

Free writing as meditation on Days 1 and 2. 

Discussion of topics of interest and concern emerging from your free writing. 

After lunch, we will end our first session together through a discussion of: Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, “Ch’ixinakax utxiwa: A Reflection on the Practices and Discourses of Decolonization” (2012)

November 2023: introduction days at PAF, St. Erme:

DAI-BULLETIN 2023—2024 nr. 1 November 2023