Counter, Revolution, Film ~ Ghalya Saadawi's seminar from Confluence to Confluence

January 2024: confluence at NAC, Nida

“That peaceful violence that the world is steeped In”

We will read Fanon’s exploration of the dialectical relation between the colonised and the coloniser; the struggle through violence of freedom, the rola and psychic state of the national bourgeois ruling classes and national rulers between metropole and colony; and the politics of neutralism, among others. We consider arguments of legal rupture made by Jacques Verges in the Schroeder documentary on the Algerian liberation struggle. We will consider the Pontecorvo film, La Bataille D’Algers through Fanon, and formally through its documentary. We read Toscano’s commentary on the legacy of French intellectual history inflected through its responses to and engagements with the Algerian war of independence and the so-called subject of decolonization.


Fanon, Frantz. “On Violence.” In The Wretched of the Earth, 28-84. Translated by Constance Farrington. London: Penguin, 1963.


Additional readings:

Byrd, Dustin J and Seyed Javad Miri. Frantz Fanon and Emancipatory Social Theory: A View from the Wretched. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2020.

Byrne, J. J. Mecca of Revolution: Algeria, Decolonization and the Third World Order. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016. 

Le Sueur, James D. Uncivil War: Intellectuals and Identity Politics During the Decolonization of Algeria. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2005.

Toscano, Alberto. “The Name of Algeria: French Philosophy and the Subject of Decolonization.” Viewpoint Magazine February 1, 2018.



Gilles Pontecorvo (dir.), La Bataille d’Algers (1966).

Barbet Schroeder (dir.), The Devil's Advocate (2007). Parts, esp first half.


November 2023: introduction days at PAF, St. Erme:

DAI-BULLETIN 2023—2024 nr. 1 November 2023