DAI commends Tale of a Tub for their smart vision on HR: we are super proud of our alum, powerhouse, Isabelle Sully (DAI, 2017) who will become their new Artistic Director, while Sofie Post will be the new Business Director. With the arrival of Post and Sully, A Tale of A Tub will continue to be a ‘testing ground’ where artists and other (art) professionals are given time and space to research and engage with today’s social issues. Operating from the former bathhouse of the renowned Justus van Effencomplex in Rotterdam, A Tale of A Tub has offered a critical view of society through the lens of contemporary art since 2014. The program reflects current (inter)national developments through exhibitions, performances, conversations, (film) screenings and publications (on and offline). In a personal note Isabelle wrote to us: "I hope Tale of a Tub can be a welcoming place for all the Rotterdam DAI students". Go Isabel, we love you !

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Sully: ‘A Tale of A Tub is an excitingly unique institution, one that has a relatively young yet impactful history of working directly within the residential, historical and community-based context in which it resides. I’m so looking forward to learning from and contributing to this history amidst a great team—especially at a time when the social value of art in the Netherlands is in question.’

Post: ‘I'm thrilled to start this new adventure at A Tale of A Tub, together with Isabelle. I look forward to contributing to the dynamic program, making the complex connections between art and society tangible and accessible. Together, we can enrich the dialogue on the vital role of art in our shared environment.


Isabelle Sully