2021 ~ A simple basic life technique

A simple basic life technique

by COOP study group Reframing Climate Colonialism: Pleasuring the Radical Imagination

'A simple basic life technique is a small compilation of tools in the form of recipes, exercises, quotes and notes. There is no clear order or structure to follow. It's a condensation of multiple reflections that are unpacked around handcrafts, care, art and ideology.'

Edited & proofread by Mia van den BosMarika Vandekraats

Designed by Raul Silva

Printed at Pamplona, Spain.

Edition: 150 copies (purple & blue)

Size: 17 x 24,5 cm 

Contribution to:

withering worms wander, wording worlding warning, weather winds wait

part of 2020-2021 COOP SUMMIT ~ 5 COOP study groups share their collective and collaborative research with each other and the public. Santuari de Lluc, Mallorca.