Noor Abuarafeh

Noor Abuarafeh (1986) is an artist who works in and out of Palestine, and is currently based in Rotterdam. She recently finished a one-year residency program at the JVE Academy in Maastricht.

Noor works primarily with video installation, performance, publication, and text. Her work addresses memory, history, the archive, the possibilities of tracing absence, the rethinking of different forms of history representations, and also questions the complexity of history including how it is shaped, constructed, made, perceived, visualized and understood, and how it is related to fact, fiction and imagination.

Her works have been exhibited in several major exhibitions, including among others: Venice Biennale (2022), Berlin Biennale (2020), Sharjah Biennale 13 (2017), and Off-Biennial – Gaudipolis, Budapest (2017).




2023-2024 COOP study group ~ Assembling Land: Rehearsals towards Place-making