Performa Biennial 2023 presents Rana Hamadeh (DAI, 2009) ~ Can You Make a Pet of Him Like a Bird or Put Him on a Leash For Your Girls? ~ Rana’s cacophonous sonic work takes the Shiite ceremony of Ashoura –– encompassing its current political, military, and legal expressions within the Lebanese/Syrian context, as its field for commentary and research –– an annual ritual during which mourners take the streets to ‘re-witness’ the slaying of al-imam al-Hussein (626–680 AD), the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH and an allegorical reference to the ultimate figure of the oppressed. November 15, 2023 at Performa Hub in New York.

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Performa Biennial 2023:

Protest and Performance: A Way of Life

Long used by artists in their work as a vehicle with which to comment and effect change, protest as a medium is dynamic, with strategies continuously reinvented anew, as ongoing social structures and systems incessantly perform generational repression. For Performa Biennial 2023, Defne Ayas and Kathy Noble have programmed a series of experimental events—performances, talks, and discussions—that address the relationship between protest and performance in art and visual culture, to consider what protest means today, and ask how protest can be more effective?

To Can You Make a Pet of Him Like a Bird or Put Him on a Leash For Your Girls?

About Rana Hamadeh

November 15, 6 PM 
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November 15, 8:30 PM
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Performa Hub
408-412 Broadway (at Canal Street)
New York