Hannah O'Flynn ~ Keywords: anti-colonialism/anti-imperialism, political history of food, writing, performance, artistic practice, artistic research, collective study, curation, with the rubbles of old palaces

Hannah O’Flynn (she/her) is an artist and researcher from Barcelona, currently based in Berlin. She is the director of the cultural space with the rubbles of old palaces. Coming from an art and critical theory background, she has a practice that is strongly indebted to different forms of writing: from book making to scripts for performances, all brought together through humour by a recurring poetics of the absurd. She has a strong interest in forms of collective study, which has led her to start the cultural research centre with the rubbles of old palaces.

She understands art practice as a continuous unfinished process through which to study in dialogue. Hannah O’Flynn’s work and research is focused on the human and non-human relationships with the dominating capitalist, colonial/imperialist and patriarchal structure of oppression, and the long histories of organising against, beyond and before such structural violences. She spent the last two years researching different mechanisms that have been used historically within the capitalist system to ensure expanded capital accumulation: the colonial project of capitalism as a spatial “fix” to some of the inner contradictions of capital, and the development of uneven geographical development that shapes present-day globalised capitalism. She is currently a part of IMBISS: Politics of Food Research Group, that investigates the intersection of global politics with the consumption, trade and production of food. Within its framework, she has developed The Critical Drinking Curriculum in collaboration with Vita Buivid, which looks at the political histories of alcohol and its consumption.

She has previously worked at the Institute for Provocation (Beijing), studied at the Dutch Art Institute (Roaming Academy), Kingston School of Art (London), University of the Creative Arts (Epsom) and shortly at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing).


Learn more about Hannah O'Flynn's 20 minute presentation When is Study?  for the AEROPONIC ACTS 2020 - DAI's 3 day performance-lectures marathon at Radio Kootwijk, August 2020. 

Learn more about Hannah O'Flynn's' written MA thesis (DAI, 2020): Chimeras of Infinite Expansion: Thinking Capital Accumulation through Fruit Chan’s Dumplings

Follow Hannah's "Life after DAI" via her personal website as well as through the website and Instagram of "with the rubbles of old palaces".