Katia Barrett

After studies in Fine Art (BA Goldsmith's) and Art Praxis (DAI 2013 - 2015) Barrett obtained their Master’s degree from the Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire in Paris and is now doing a PhD in the Physical approaches to Cell Dynamics and Tissue Morphogenesis team as part of the CENTURI program in Marseille. Barrett's interest lies in how cells converge and regulate the formation of a stable target morphologies.

Barrett is also one half of an experimental music duo formed in 2016. Bare-TT are Katia Barrett and Sandar Tun Tun, a duo that exists at the intersection of computer music and live electronics. Using warped field recordings with altered voices, DJ player loops, and phase distortion synthesis they create soundscapes that oscillate between micro and macro environments. In their performances, Bare-TT narrate the possibility of symbiotic regeneration and metamorphosis. Their practice is informed by spatial music and acousmatic interpretation and inspired by the promiscuity of species, horizontal gene transfer, alien morphologies, and the possibility of becoming vegetal.



Learn more about Katia Barrett's 20 minute presentation for Speaking Without Thumbs, DAI's performance lectures marathon of 2015 in Showroom Arnhem: Limiting Metaphors, Enabling Constraints

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