Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal

Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal works as an artist and curator in relation to the construction of territories and times yet to come, from a perspective critical of neoliberal, heteronormative, colonial structures, through texts, exhibitions, video pieces and collective processes. Since 2019 he directs the MAL curatorial nomadic platform in the Extremadura where Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal is currently living).





Learn more about Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal's written MA thesis (DAI, 2020): How Do You Imagine the Future: Politics of memory against neoliberal dispossession
Learn more about Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal's 20 minute presentation Monument Shadow for the AEROPONIC ACTS 2020 at Radio Kootwijk, August 2020.
Follow Jose's "Life after DAI" by means of his website.