Bryony Gillard

Bryony Gillard is an artist, curator and educator. Situated between writing, workshops, performance, video and exhibition making, her practice reflects upon events, creatures and ideas that refuse to be pinned down or categorized.

Through a process of both uncovering and layering ideas, herstories and conversations, Gillard's work attempts to create a space for generations of intersectional feminist practice that are elusive, messy and entangled in contemporary concerns. She is drawn to thinking with and through the more-than-human-world and she is committed to intersectional feminist and anti-colonial doings underpinning her practice and approach and she understands that this is an ongoing process.

Since 2015, Bryony Gillard has developed a model of working that places workshops at the centre of projects, using workshops as a shared site of both production and reflection, to de-centre herself and create a space for many voices. Workshops often centre around principles of improvisation — considering improvisation as a non-hierarchal space of resistance & transgression, using sound, voice, movement, conversation, automatic writing & therapeutic exercises to map and think through ideas collectively.

Recent projects include work presented in the Tate touring exhibition, Virginia Woolf: An Exhibition Inspired by Her Writings (2018) and a commission for the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery (2019). In 2021 Bryony presented a new moving image work for Jerwood Solo Presentations, Jerwood Arts (London). She is an associate lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire and the University of West of England and facilitates creative workshops with adults and young people.

Gillard's pronouns are she/her/hers.


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