Pelumi Adejumo ~ Keywords: grammar of the poor, unintelligibility, Black Pentecostal music, migratory grief, queering divinity, writing as resistance, echolalia, sound studies

Pelumi Adejumo is a Nigerian-Dutch runaway pastor's child, interdisciplinary writer, and lucid dreamer currently based in Rotterdam. They publish poetry, create performances and music, sometimes in collaboration with the collective Public Relations. Their work is strongly influenced by West-African spirituality and mythology, incorporating both Christian and Yoruba influences, as well as queer and feminist theory. Working with themes as migratory grief, the grammar of the “poor” and researching the role and reclamation of spirituality in queer lives. They understand language also as a place of struggle. Using unintelligibility and the mix-match of languages to open up disruptive creative and musical possibilities.  

Collaborators in the past include Sonsbeek biennale 20-24, de Appel, Metro54, National Theatre Young, National Opera & Ballet, Pank Magazine, deBuren, De Gids, Into The Great Wide Open and Montez Press Radio. Within the literary and visual art fields they work as an editor/programmer for Girls Like Us Magazine in Brussels, for the international literature festival Read My World in Amsterdam, and as a writer for Mister Motley Magazine. 


Learn more about Pelumi Adejumo's 20 minute performance A side: ONE LAST PRAYER - B side: ẹKÙN for WHERE THE MOON IS UP ~ DAI's Aeroponic Acts, July 2023 at Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy.  

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