Practical Information DAI WEEK 9 ~ Centrale Fies (Dro, Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy)


1st Year students: Aktiv Hotel Eden, Via Trento, 2, 38074 Dro TN, Italy

2nd Year students: Albergo Hotel Drena, Via Roma, 60, 38074 Drena TN, Italy

Respondents & Life After DAI guests: Hotel Garnì Delle Rose, Via Arco, 34, 38074 Ceniga TN, Italy

Chef's Airbnb: Viale Daino, 4, 38074 Pietramurata TN, Italy

DAI team's Airbnb: Via III Novembre, 52, 38074 Drena TN, Italy

Click here to access a map of all locations (including train stations, supermarket & pharmacies).

Weather Advice:

Advised to visit the weather forecast for Dro, Italy (Trentino-Alto Adige) prior to your departure and pack accordingly. 

Predictions indicate temperatures of 26 reaching 30 (day time) and with probable rain showers throughout the day. 

There are no indications (as of now) of a heatwave approaching. 

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