Miguel Ángel Rego Robles

Miguel Ángel Rego is a contemporary visual artist dedicated to creating innovative art installations and exploring new artistic expressions in combination with scientific and technologic developments. His work has been showcased in international exhibitions and he is also full Professor of Sculpture, Drawing, Design and History of Art at the Universidad Europea , inspiring young artists to reach their full potential.

Right after finishing DAI, Miguel embarked on a research trajectory with CSIC (the Spanish National Research Council) at the Philosophy Institute, CCHS Department of Science, Technology and Society in Madrid, Spain. 


Excerpt from Miguel Ángel Rego Robles' Post-Contingent Coherence for Speaking Without Thumbs - DAI's 3 day performance lecture marathon, July 2016 in Arnhem.

Learn more about Miguel Ángel Rego Robles' written MA thesis (DAI, 2016): Stereoscopic Vision in Wilfrid Sellars´ Thought: Ontological Approaches Through Neurosciences and Their Manifestations Within Contemporary Art Practices

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