May Chronicle by Saverio Cantoni and Claudia Medeiros.

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IMAGE DESCRIPTION: The words “NICHTS TUN” in capital letters are stamped with blue ink several times on a lined notebook page; the paper is slightly grey. The stamps follow the geometry of an erupting volcano. From the crater, a dense fountain of “NICHTS TUN” goes up to the top of the page.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Photographic image of a corner of a computer screen; software is running on a black background, displaying a dense conversation in white minor caps characters. It looks like a script from a programming language, without font variations or paragraphing. The words revolve around economic subjects of tokens, stocks, and markets, and suddenly the text reads: ”I'm still thinking what to do.” repeated many times until it forms a diagonal striped regular pattern.






I'm here.



Well, it's optimistic, I know.


My voice.


[Door closing]



Okay, so how do we feel in the aftermath of the stock market?

I feel a bit like Alain Delon in Michelangelo Antonioni's Love in 1965 after the market crashed.

And it's just a tired city in the storm.



No reaction outside the question space without token is allowed for the next hour.

It is very strict.

Can you repeat it?


No transaction outside of the token exchange for the next hour is allowed.

No token or nothing.


You can only talk about the transaction.

Nothing else.


I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

I'm still thinking what to do.

[Leire is giving a token to a person]


Do you have another one?

Yes, where is this coming from?


How to produce pleasure?

Follow my OnlyFans.

I think pleasure is something that's lasting.

Oh, poetry!

I think, read poetry.


[Leire is giving a token to a person]



This is such a difficult question.

I was not expecting this.


Are you consuming?

I'm consuming my token now.

You need to record now.

Otherwise you can't have it.

Oh, I'm not ready.

And I wonder how to allow that.

Because maybe we could not allow that.


And I wonder what is not allowed here.

And I wonder, is it not allowed just in my head?

Or do you know the same rules?

And now I want to spend my token.



We need someone who's good at recording.

I start recording, but maybe you can come with me.

It's well invested, but not...

Sorry, I'm a bit...

Like, to stop is red?

It's well invested, it's given me enough power now to...

It's well invested.

Make an awkward video.

A card full.

We can hear you.

So I can't record anymore?

OK, I'll record with my cell phone.

I'm doing well.

It's happening.

What is happening?

Do you want one of mine?

I'm going to the toilet.

To the real one or not?


To the real one or not?

Let's think about it.

I'll think about it. What's your answer?

So the stock market has prostitution now.

Do we make deals in the toilet?

OK, we can do that.

We record it.

Or what would be nice?


OK, let's start.

I need a moment.



For the toilet?

I just need a moment to mentally prepare for the response.

It's a very valuable value.

I'm going to the toilet.

You do not want to work.

What do we call it?



If you do not want to work, you just do the things you really enjoy and love.

You go into invisible, unpredictable, unfulfilled, unmeasured labor of love and desire.

You go all in.

You are enormous and invisible. Belt-tightening, personal investments, occupied with ours.

Long discussions, honored as such, producing process, voiced by everyone's expanded field without work.

Really useful knowledge, huh?

Valuable value.


Are we ready?

Not yet.

Don't open until it's closed.

Don't open until it's closed.

Don't open until it's closed.

But I can still spend my token that I didn't answer.



Do we have now a say in it? Because it obviously was a mistake.

I think there is no...

That's what the German said to us during the recession.

There is no mistake on the market.

We have to...

No way. Mistakes happen.

I'm going to consume my token.

I think you have to keep your loss.

You're the golden gate.

Lovely, thank you.

Would you exchange a token with me if I massage you for 20 minutes?

20 minutes?

Just one kiss.

I was just going to say...

It's more where that came from.

Just a habit.


This is a market.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: The photo has been taken from the ground, pointing to two people kneeling in the grass; they are holding smartphones in their hands, pointing their cameras at you. A few metres more in the back, another person with a beige baseball hat is pointing their camera at you, while on the right side, at the edge of the picture, someone with a red t-shirt is holding a microphone next to a person with long blonde hair wearing a dark blue sports jacket with white embroideries in the back. In the background, many olive trees.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Group photo of eleven people in colorful clothes on a lava stone terrace before the sea. They are standing in two disordered lines against the fence; it is sunny, and some are wearing sunglasses, but there are some clouds and haze too. The terrace looks very high on sea level, and the first person in the row is showing a camera, holding it in their right hand as some would wave a flag.

Dance time! Dance time!


It's so nice!


I agree.

I'm so happy.

I'm so happy.





Wait, wait, wait.

No, no, no.

It's just enough.


I wasn't going to spend it.

I was going to consume it.

No, the deal was you spend it, you give it to me, and I'm consuming mine.

Hold on a minute.

I have a recording of this.

I have a recording.


This is outrageous.

Thank you kindly.


Dance time! Dance time!

A little bit before, I'm afraid.

It's so early!



Dance time!

Okay, okay.

So try to invest and then we will start speaking.

Symbolic value these days.

The cameras on you.

So here's the deal.

All cameras on us.

Cameras, cameras.


So here's the deal.

We're consuming.

They're consuming.

They're not gonna be into the commons.

Okay, but let's maybe...

Let's vote.

Let's vote.

Let's build an empire as collaborative entities.

That will be stronger.


No, no, no, no, no. They're on a team with me.

All the people that decided to put the resources together...

Yeah, they paid you.

They paid you.

No, no, no, no. They invest.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Eight people around a table in a garden, under a veranda, with some flowers in the foreground. Some are sitting, others standing; they wear colorful spring clothes, hold hands, and smile. It is getting dark, and a few lamps are on, but it is not night yet.


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