May Chronicle by Iarlaith Ni Fheorais and Theresa Zwerschke.

| tag: Salina

„The sun and moon and forever hungry

The sharpened edge

Where day and night shall meet

And not be one.“


                  „Promisuous care recognizes that not all women want to be mothers.“


„The subject’s ambiguous

Stance between

Sensuous bonds of maternal attachment

And the disciplined separation

The disciplined separation.“


                                                                                                    „Do you know why?


why didn’t you change your ways in advance of the destruction that rendered memories into oil?

                                                                            Descendant, contextually, you’re a miracle.“



„The function of a poem as a storage is seen in the following poems by way of paying homage to the orisha Yemoja; Mother of fish children. Seeking her, after being subject to rejection by their own mothers. By lack of wholeness, they turn towards the water and moon Goddess to find divine mothering.“



„My childless body

                          becomes a vessel

                     for all those mothers´



„Carries for a long time in the imagination, shapes ripen. When out to pent-tension,  they have to be discharged, I become one with the object created. My body grows ugly, exhausted by bringing forth an image. Mz body gets rid of something that had been a part of it, form the imagination to the skin. The effort of discharge makes it hideous. In my belly life was never conceived.“


My mother composed me

as I now compose her“


„Please keep me safe the everlasting maiden in my heart“


„Access intimacy is that elusive, hard to describe feeling when someone else „gets“ your access needs. The kind of eerie comfort that your disabled self feels when someone on a purely access level.“

                                                „But the most important word in the language

                                                                                        is two letter: is. Is.“


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