May Chronicle by David Přílučík, Iliada Charalampous and Orestis Giannoulis

| tag: Salina

(A lazy table, A big conference table, A table in the forest, A Jenga table, A coffee table, A table by the sea.)

-Lets normalize asking questions for clarity. Why are you wasting everybody’s time? Why are you getting in everybody’s way? Why do you behave so badly?


-Do you recognize an external force? (Repeated three times)



-I can’t keep up with your turning tables (disappointed)

-Its only necessarily necessary!

[Commoning uncommon grounds with conversation starters, moderations, moderators and games, special arrangements and infinity tables. You enter and you find all these ruptures, a theater play that unfolds with infinite entry points. And yet, here we are, on the same stage gossiping. A social dissonance with no external narrator other than a tired old voice over. All tones and sounds can be treated as equal, but we live in an economic system that makes social equality impossible.]

-Who are we?

-The institution (?)

How are we?

- … (confused)

[Playing by the rules. From selfhood, to individuality, to personhood: a numbered division.]

-How do we end this thing?

-Timing, a timer, a countdown (?)

-How do we end this thing?

-A randomization of order, a swarming (?)

 -How do we end this thing?

-Relief from tension, megaphones, speakers, sound systems and musical chairs (?)


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