Orestis Giannoulis ~ Keywords: collective affects, queerness, performance/performativity, financialization, narrativity, communicability, intimacies, discomfort, political depression, popular culture, algorithmic governance

Orestis Giannoulis (b.1996) is sort of an artist and writer, currently based in Athens, Greece.  His practice gravitates towards writing on transmissive processes, empathetic confluences, and algorithmic patternings of public feelings. Through performance, both as a methodological tool and an object of study, he is attending to the tenderness, confusion, reluctance and cruelty of our various attempts to navigate intimacy. His research focuses on anticipation as an affective force of longing and hope that is interrelated with political, social, historical and economic normative narratives and impositional patterns of futurity. This research uncovers the respective relational arrangements and orientations that provide both the blueprints for how our coming together is supposed to feel and unfold in time, and to elaborate on the discomfort and queerness of their performative reinstitution that propels unanticipated re-articulations. Through the public presentations of his texts, he investigates the politics of inhibition, eloquence, and exposure.


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