Cornelia Isaksson ~ Keywords: theatre, dramaturgy, repetition with variation, altered temporal grammar, transmission, madness, possibilities.

Cornelia Isaksson (b. 1993, SE), hosts fluid theatrical frameworks built on scattered narratives, with communal making at its core. She facilitates embodiment workshops as the foundation for creating social webs of expression, wherein the characters navigate the plot. Her writing and character work usually transmit a physical or psychological subtext - allowing ‘the unwritten’ and ‘unspoken’ to take center stage, reversing the role of spoken and physical language. The spoken acts as an abstract emotional tell, while charging the physical with descriptive information. The lucid atmosphere that emerges investigates the present as if it were a historical artifact and, conversely, viewing historical events as if they are unfolding in the present, in search for potentiality emanating from that present. 


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