Generation 2023

Individual bio's of students are not made public before the conclusion of their two years of study with DAI. To learn more about the previous generations of our students you are most welcome to visit our Alumni Embassy.

For external activities of our current students (as well as our alumni, tutors and friends) we refer to the announcements @the WORLD platform on our homepage.

Alkmini Gkousiari

Alva Roselius

Anna Buyvid 

Annette Rodriguez Fiorillo 

Antonia Truninger 

Ariell Zéphyr

Bel McLaughlin

Christelle Makris

Clara Smith 

Davide La Montagna 

Echo Guo 

Eszter Dobos

Foad Alijani 

Helena Estrela 

Ivčo Ružić 

Jafar The Superstar

Liam Warren

Lisa Vlamings  

Maria Miguel Pratas

Mia Tamme

Nada Gambier

Öykü Özgencil 

Qiaoling Cai 

Sam Mountford

Sara Alberani 

Tereza Darmovzalová  

Tuba Kılıç 

Vlio Velema