Mandus Ridefelt

Mandus Ridefelt (b. 1993) works across art, science and music as writer, researcher and facilitator.

Mandus has worked with/for/at Diakron (DK), Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK), Index – The Swedish Contemporary Arts Foundation (SE), Passive/Aggressive (DK) and others.

Mandus is a graduate from the Dutch Art Institute (MA in Art Praxis) and Uppsala University (Molecular Biology and Theoretical Philosophy).

As of 2022-23, Mandus lives in Copenhagen.



Learn more about Mandus Ridefelt's 20 minute presentation Really, Really, Really, Really Nice for the AEROPONIC ACTS 2020 - DAI's 3 day lectures marathon at Radio Kootwijk, August 2020. 

Learn more about Mandus Ridefelt's written MA thesis (DAI, 2020): Non-Originary Pop

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