In the past two months, Miyoung Chang (DAI, 2022) and Dakota Guo (DAI, 2022), Benjamin Francis, and Clara Saito (DAI, 2019) have been further developing their performances, and it is with great pleasure that If I Can't Dance can now invite you to visit their online works in the If I Can’t Dance Studio, and their on-site presentations on Saturday 17 June in the space Pre-Reserved in Amsterdam Noord. Clara Saito presents the work Theater of Drag: Action, Healing and Telenovela for which she has been collaborating with members of the collective Papaya Kuir, developing allegorical characters (and a game) drawing on personal experiences and on the power dynamic between Europe and Latin America; Benjamin Francis presents the work Control It – Delete It in which he explores methods of pedagogy and actively involves participants in a cleansing ritual; and the two daredevil friends Miyoung Chang and Dakota Guo present Chu Renmei and Hye-Joo for which they have been studying the mechanics of the cinematic apparatus in East Asian horror film-making.

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Open Rehearsal is a new initiative  If I Can’t Dance has established to support the development of performance practices across diverse communities of artists based in the Netherlands. With the aim of creating much-needed space for intimate dialogue on ideas- and works-in-process, this ongoing programme welcomes artists across disciplines to develop and try out works they want feedback on.

The participants in the second cycle present their live performances during an afternoon-long programme with ample time for audiences, community peers and special guests to respond. The gathering is moderated by Open Rehearsal curator Mini Maxwell and If I Can’t Dance’s artistic team members Anik Fournier, Sara Giannini and Megan Hoetger.

Open Rehearsal Online:
If I Can’t Dance Studio

Open Rehearsal On-Site:
17 June 2023, 14.30–18hr
Pre-Reserved, Studio C
Tt. Vasumweg 38A, Amsterdam
As space is limited, we kindly ask that you make a reservation.

Open Rehearsal is supported by an innovation grant from the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).

Image: Clara Saito [1]; Benjamin Francis [2]; Miyoung Chang and Dakota Guo [3], online work, fragment, 2023



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Clara Saito

Miyoung Chang

Dakota Guo