"Conjuring a forked temporality that scrambles the polarity between nostalgia and militancy, Between Circles and Constellations comprises several video installations which revisit each other’s circuitous stories, the iterations thereof rippling through the MACBA space, intersecting in a mutually reinforcing dynamic. Between Syria, Ghana, France, and Greece, present and past ebb and flow, much the same as the colonial legacies of capital outflows deplete the resources of southern nations and prevent their development, only to reappear in Europe as the alleged threat of undocumented labor. In this sense, and by saying that history is not a straight story, Khalili’s artistic proposition articulates a political project, whose content tells us the way forward branches out into the past. Curated by Elvira Dyangani Ose and Hiuwai Chu, Between Circles and Constellations is also the first exhibition of Dyangani Ose’s program, and sets the tone for a tenure that will focus on non-hegemonic discourses, forgotten figures, and counter-histories." Read the full text of COUNTER HISTORIES (about Bouchra Khalili's exhibition at MACBA which lasts till the 21st of May, 2023) by DAI theory tutor Ana Teixeira Pinto for Mousse Magazine. Find the link here.

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