Practical Information Salina

This page will be updated if relevant. Make sure to check it regularly.

Where are we: the island Salina with the villages Santa Marina Salina, Lingua and Malfa (see map)

Trails in Isola di Salina (please familiarize yourself with the level of each of the walks; many of them are recommended to experienced hikers only). 


  • DAI students: Hotel A Cannata in Lingua, Via Pantano, 1, Lingua 
  • Appel CP participants: Grandmother's house of A Cannata in Lingua, Via Alfieri 28, Lingua
  • Note that there is a bus (public transport) going from Lingua to Santa Marina Salina ( Jacq has the timetable). It stops at the restaurant A Cannata where breakfast is served. Otherwise: take a scenic walk of 25 minutes. 
  • Tutors & crew: Hotel Punta BaroneVia Lungomare, 8 in Santa Marina Salina. Some tutors will be accommodated in Airbnb's in Santa Marina Salina.

Work spaces: 

HTDTWT, COOP, Factory 2.0 (all in Santa Marina Salina):

Our temporary DAI Cantina (lunches & dinners): La Vela in Santa Marina Salina, Via Risorgimento, 135, Santa Marina Salina

DAI student's & de Appel participant's temporary DAI Cantina (breakfasts) Restaurante (and Football Museum) A Cannata in Lingua, at few minutes walking distance from Hotel A Cannata & Grandmother's house. 

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