Jean-Michel Mabruki Mussa

Jean-Michel Mabruki Mussa (1999, Democratic Republic of Congo) is a curator and cultural practitioner based in Amsterdam. His curatorial and research practice focuses on space, repurposing institutional knowledge, different methodologies of exhibition making and conceptual art. Jean-Michel is interested in the ways in which theories on conceptual exhibition design relate to contemporary discourse regarding interpretations of space and displacement. In his practice he (re-)interprets findings in these discourses to figure out how to remodel institutional and hegemonic infrastructures and knowledge. Jean-Michel is excited by the possibilities of peer-learning and the merging of localities fundamental to de Appel’s institutional identity.

Jean-Michel has worked at and with different spaces and galleries in Amsterdam, including Patty Morgan (2020-2021), Laurel Project Space (2021) and Stigter van Doesburg (2022). His most recent curated exhibition has been “Architecture of Goodbye: an Ode to Posterity”, which was Laurel Project Space’s final exhibition in their last space in Amsterdam.