Eugene Hannah Park

Eugene Hannah Park(1992, South Korea) explores the possibility of learning by collective minds. Her practices intersect different histories and localities, creating schisms and holes in the homogenous hegemony. She curates and produces tools and platforms as an ingredient to share questions and translate worlds; and is interested in collaborating with diverse cultural practitioners to create the carrier of plural futurity. Throughout the year in de Appel, Eugene anticipates connecting different curatorial languages of peers hoping this will lead to constructing new constellations. 

She recently curated Arecibo (2021) in Seoul, questioning the radical imaginations that reshape reality based on the research of speculative fiction and science fiction. Eugene is the recipient of the Doosan Curatorial Workshop (2021) and ARKO Creative Academy Art Council of Korea (2020), and worked in institutions as an exhibition coordinator at the Seoul Museum of Art and ARKO Art Center. She also continues to work as part of collectives such as Against The Dragon Light (ADL), a research project that seeks to find the socially-engaged practices in the Four Asian Dragons (South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong), Care for Collective Curatorial (CCC), an experimental learning platform that explores ideas of care, collectivity and curatorial thinking, and Asian Feminist Studio for Art and Research (AFSAR). 


In May 2023 de Appel Curatorial Program participants joined DAI to Salina, one of  islands in the the Aeolian Archipelago.