"When they drank it all, their hair became grass, their fingers became waves, their eyes became mirrors of the sun, and their sweat became the saliva of the river" - is the first presentation in Poland (at the Arsenal Gallery in Białystok) of works by Czech artist Marie Tučková (DAI, 2021). On the occasion of the exhibition Tučková and Iga Swieściak (DAI, 2022) are revising their collaborative process through an updated video edit and a series of drawings, notes and mind maps that make up the site-specific installation displayed in the central hall. The show, opening Friday, 31th March at 6 PM is curated by the one and only Tomek Pawłowski-Jarmołajew (multi-talented DAI chef) and will last till 21 th May 2023.

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Arsenal Gallery Bialystok, A.Mickiewicza Street 2, Bialystok

31.03.2023 at 6.00 pm - exhibition opening, admission free
1.04.2023 at 12:00 - a guided tour by the author and curator, admission included in the ticket price

The exhibition's title comes from the script for the video The Polyphonic Womb, in which the artist combines polyphonic songs with poetry and performance. In this work, Tučková perceives the womb as a space of polyphony and constant sonic resonance. She interweaves stories of fluid human and more than human bodies, placing the dead river at the heart of the non-linear narrative as a metaphor for ecosystem degradation. The video was co-created by Mariana Hradilková, Raffia Li (DAI, 2021), Rebeka Maxová, Dorota Tučková and Iga Swieściak. 

In addition, the exhibition's peculiar landscape will be built up by Tučková's textiles and sound installation referring to listening to the polyphony chorus, feeling and nurturing relationships with nature. Crochets from the Leaking Sounds of the Angel's Hole series resemble trees-vaginas in form. Inspired by the trilogy Xenogenesis written by Octavia E. Butler, the works combine the visual anthropomorphism of the fabrics with embroidered texts addressing the interconnectedness of species and the flow of energy in the universe. On the other hand, the sound installation consists of field recordings, songs and short musical compositions by the artist. The particular elements are the result of experimental listening sessions, vocal exercises, field recordings and improvised compositions inspired by visits to the Rokitka and Vltava rivers.

Marie Tučková

Iga Świeściak

Tomek Pawłowski-Jarmołajew