March Chronicle by Mara Ittel and Baoxin Liao (Bobo) feat. contributions by all On Tradition - Future Ancestors 3: The Mother, The Archival and The Symbolic Order participants.

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For the COOP summit: Intention drives the work. When we know what it is that we want to communicate — we bring it to the space and respond to it. 🛸


Conversation between Ania & Gleb {on drawing 🎨}:

Thinking goes out and your body knows what to do. The body directs you. The mind is part of you. 

The mind is not separated from your body. 

{when you draw} You don’t use the constraints of the outer logic imposed on you. You sync with the outer logic. You need to know your constraints in order to transgress. 

First, you know. Second, you understand. Third, there is no difference.

You listen to the simplicity of intuition that guides you, to get rid of what is not yours. 

You need to zoom out in order to observe the pattern, the structure, the hierarchy of your thinking/making. 

You need to zoom in, in order to enter a tunnel vision. To start “seeing” 👀with the whole body. Merging all “visions”. 

Making with a “feeling” is walking in and out of these states of “seeing”. 👀👀🪐







*** poem by Carol R Kallend

✨💖Thank you dear Carol, for reading your beautiful poems to us💜💠




# DEMO: 📢Future Fables - “PAF’s techno🤖️ guardian angle”


March 09, 2046

Paul’s icloud Keychain ☁️🔑

No. 159 folder_Transhuman 💻📁

"Don't want to be flesh, want to be digital. Upload the brain into the cloud and the body will be recycled. Live forever as information. There is no life or death, only data."







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