Iliada Charalambous (DAI, 2023) is delighted to invite you/us to an exhibition at Stroom: "Positions: Elsewheres" where the work of five The Hague-based artists is presented. It gives a broad overview of contemporary art in the city today. The show features incredible sculptures, videos and installations by Andrius Arutiunian, Louis Braddock Clarke and Zuza Zgierska, Anastastija (Nastija) Kiake, Narges Mohammadi and Iliada Charalambous herself. The Hague is a city characterised by its relation to elsewheres. The exhibition moves through various scales of inquiry, starting from the local engagement of people with their neighbours, before moving on to the changing character of the city through the gentrification of working-class neighbourhoods. At a wider angle, the exhibition looks to The Hague as a site of international weapons trade and a place from where much of the EU border is governed, before arriving at the largest scale – outer space – in the form the pieces of rock located in this very city that haven’t come from this planet at all. As a site of political power,The Hague legislates for and governs a nation. As a site of industry, it produces and maintains systems that determine the boundaries of Europe. And as a site of international law, it attempts to provide justice on the global stage. The works in the exhibition depart from a look at this internationalism, through which much of The Hague’s identity as a city is determined by how it governs the systems and relations in other places, and how those elsewheres affect the city in turn. Till 02.07.2023.

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