Harun Morrison (DAI, 2020) opens "Chronic desire—Sete cronică "~ Timișoara 2023 European Capital of Culture with his new performance "Faces without Hands" ~ by different musicians activating a graphic score. It will take place at Garrison Command on February the 17th at 3:30pm and on February the 19 th at 11:30am. Chronic Desire – Sete Cronică is a proposal for vocabularies of looking, feeling and writing, which can be useful instruments for reading the brutal present. This exhibition showcases art practices which can cut in and cut through history and address the current critical political and ecological moment. Curators: Cosmina Goagea, Corina Oprea, Brîndușa Tudor. The exhibition, which features a fine selection of Romanian and international artists, will run till the 23th of April. Read the full introduction here.

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Participating artists (* denotes new commissions and/or new works)
Ana Adam, Leonor Antunes, Tarek Atoui*, Matei Bejenaru*, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan*, Irina Botea Bucan*, Pavel Brăila*, Anca Bucur*, Dana Catona, Lia Dostlieva și Andrii Dostliev*, Saskia Holmkvist*, Shilpa Gupta, Joan Jonas, Hiwa K*, Zhanna Kadyrova*, Ana Kun & Noemi Hügel*, Susanna Jablonski & Santiago Mostyn*, Adriana Lucaciu, Silvia Moldovan*, Harun Morrison*, Dan Perjovschi*, Agnieszka Polska*, Renée Renard*, Marinella Senatore*, Alexa Szekeres*, Slavs & Tatars, Mona Vătămanu & Florin Tudor*, Rosa Whiteley*, RomaMoMA (Ionela Mihaela Cîmpeanu & Sead Kazanxhiu).

Museum of Public Transport “Corneliu Mikloși,” Maria Theresia Bastion, Ștefania Palace, Garrison Command.

Harun Morrison’s work „Environmental Justice Questions“, is also shown in the  in Timișoara: „Environmental Justice Questions is a growing compilation of questions for discussion and debate. Harun has invited a range of people including artworkers, scientists, activists, writers, theorists, architects, growers, natural historians and horticulturalists to propose questions relating to environmental justice.“

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