Our partner PAF ( the amazing, truly self organised and self funded, radically open art residency, one of the very few in Europe) invites you to volunteer for the fun, the sweat, the glory, and the bonding that will be : PAF Repair Week 4 from May 7th to 14th, 2023! For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Repair Week, it’s the somewhat-annual event when a team of 30-35 volunteers jumps into the many renovation and remodeling projects of PAF. Repair Week welcomes people of all levels of experience; the sharing of skills and “learn by doing” creates a nice environment for those who are just beginning. The physical labor of renovation can be a very satisfying way of engaging with PAF and gaining a more intimate knowledge of the building and its needs; it’s sure to change your relationship with the place during future stays. Also, remember that working in the kitchen to feed the team is an equally valuable contribution! In exchange for your efforts, PAF will cover the cost of your stay (nights of 7th-13th) and provide food for 3 collectively cooked meals per day (plus proletariat aperitif of beer and potato chips).

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Jean-Félix & Lucas elaborate:

"Some projects on the list this year are

  • Renovation of Kitchen One
  • Improving bedrooms with new paint and curtains
  • Preparing the space that will become the Summer Kitchen
  • Building a mezzanine bed to maximize space in a small room
  • Repairing the outside surface of the Chapel
  • Junk-disposal and clearing of spaces, plus a thousand other tasks around the house.

Our projected schedule is 

Sunday 7th:            arrival and group dinner, work discussion

Monday-Friday:       6 hours of work per day

Saturday 13th         well-earned day of rest, evening bonfire

Sunday 14th:          farewell breakfast and departures


Please let us know if you have specific skills or tools you can contribute, then we can incorporate these possibilities into the plan. As usual we would like to send a special call out to people who are skilled bicycle mechanics and would be willing to lead a team and share their knowledge in the eternal battle against PAF bicycle entropy.

PAF Repair Week 4 is sure to be as fun and rewarding as ever, so please register soon with an email to contactpaf@gmail.com. For more details, questions, or suggestions, you can contact Lucas at Lucas."



Performing Arts Forum

15 rue Haute 02820 Saint-Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt FR