"Mingling with Againness" is a wandering program series which will run till March 2023. It is an invitation to engage with the ritualistic as collectivizing moments, forms of passing on knowledge and modes of resistance. The series is organised by Theresa Zwerschke (DAI, 2023) and involves contribution by, amongst others, Pelumni Adejumo (DAI, 2023) Iliada Charalampous (DAI, 2023) and Afrang Malekian (DAI, 2022).

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“Each time we heard the story we took some of it back, in our mouths, like damp chemicals or pulp + saliva. Then spat it out to fill a hole or make the wall stronger.”

Bhanu Kapil - Pinky Agarwalia: Biography of a Child Saint in Ten Parts

Vibrations become phrases become scores become habits. Repeat until you know them by heart, until meaning disperses into organs and everyone forgets where to locate the beginning. 

Who are the ones we’re repeating for? 

What is the ritual but a set of rules and rhymes, shaping relations through repetition?

The program encounters concepts of the ritual in it’s various social, political, spiritual and somatic connotations to create impermanent spaces of sharing and togetherness.

Find the program, including the addresses of the different venues in Leipzig at www.catwings.space