Narcisse Tordoir

tag: Antwerp

The artistic activity of Narcisse Tordoir (1954) can perhaps best be described as a form of painting. Painting itself is taken up as an activity that does no longer belong to the domain of art and traditions. In the act of painting Tordoir leaves behind all aspects that might relate to a history of the medium, instead applying paint as one would paint furniture or put up grafitti signs in a no more, no less way. Tordoirs images are highly complex and crystal clear at the same time.

More than a year ago now Todoir embarked on a project of artistic col-laboration inviting young artists and more renowned colleagues to venture into the field of artistic collaboration. The works take on diverse forms ranging from flatness to outright instal-lations including sound, video images, found objects, beercans, lamps, radio transmissions etc.
The series of works have allowed Tordoir to step forward as a new type of artistic interface, allowing connections from different origins to come together in a vast field of activities. The accidental painting or installation as a result is not Tordoirs main objective, navigating to a different conception of artistic activity alltoget-her, and to newer ways of producing, distributing or making accessible works.

Narcisse Tordoir was invited as an external examiner at the DAI in July 2008.