Mathilde Sauzet Mattei


Mathilde Sauzet Mattei (FR, 1987) is a graduate of Scenography & Public Spaces at the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin of Strasbourg (HEAR, France, 2012) and of the Dutch Art Institute (DAI, 2016). 

Mathilde Sauzet Mattei, works as a curator and art critic and is co-founder, with Cecile Roche Boutin, curator and consultant in collaborative process, of Les Commissaires Anonymes, a research and mediation studio on contemporary art created in 2012. She is author of several articles for magazines and collective volumes and she develops the book publishing arm for Les commissaires anonymes. She envisages her writing work as an experimental support of voice, speeches and performances. In 2014, she received the grant of the Christophe Merian Fondation/Basel for the residency programm of the Atelier Mondiale (Belgique, 2014).


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