November Chronicle by Till Langschied & Anastasia Nefedova feat. Curating Positions: A cut through the screen participants.

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Toolbox Number 01/ Arnhem

Saverio Cantoni

Excerpt from "Artist Christine Sun Kim Rewrites Closed Captions | Pop-Up Magazine"

YouTube video, 7:45, a video essay by Deaf artist Christine Sun Kim, 2020, posted by “Pop-Up Magazine," October 13, 2020,

Anastasia Nefedova

A tool to think about silent language, the poetry of subtitles and overlooked layers of time-based media.

1 min reading and watching GOLDEN SNAIL OPERA: The More-Than-Human Performance of Friendly Farming on Taiwan’s Lanyang Plain by Yen-Ling Tsai, Isabelle Carbonell, Joelle Chevrier, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, 2016

A tool to be used at the border of fiction and nonfiction. It helps to rethink roles of visual image, text and other forms of film.

Ian Nolan

Video work by Ian Nolan

A tool to explore repetition, overlap and temporality. A tool that encourages to invite everything that is happening to be part of the work.

Claudia Medeiros

Video work Aline Ferraz of the IPLAYOU series by Claudia Medeiros.

A tool to enable dialogue and embodiment. It can help to meet others and to look at someone.

Till Langschied

Collage of videos from the Semi-side-specific Performative Sculptures series by Till Langschied.

A tool to react to new and strange surroundings. A tool for ultra-short poetry.

Savva Dudin

2020, 1 min documentation of a kid, talking through the grid, making a puzzle for the people behind the camera, and destroying the wall between them, puzzle is about making and remaking gestalts out of one set of elements.

A tool for communication and metaphors.

Daniël van der Giessen

A tool to question authorship.

Weronika Zalewska

A tool for the deconstruction of clichés, shooting styles, genres and perception.


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